What You Need to Know About ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Posted 02/07/2012

What You Need to Know About ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’
Whether you're an old-school comic fan or a Sam Raimi enthusiast, the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man swinging into theatres is a brand-new arachnid. For those of you trying to wrap your web around the concept of a reboot five short years after the last trilogy (and wondering why you need to see it ), our friends at NextMovie checked out a series of press conferences with the cast, director Marc Webb, and the producers of ’The Amazing Spider-Man’ in New York City. Here’s what they learned and what you need to know.

There's a Reason for the Reboot
Producers of the new movie know how odd it seems to restart a series after such a short break. Matt Tolbach explained, ‘We've been pretty open about the fact that we tried to make another instalment of the Raimi/Tobey [Maguire] movies. Sam was the first one to finally say, “My story's been told, my trilogy has run its course, but someone else should tell this story.” ’

‘As much as we all loved what we did with Sam, we knew Spider-Man lives on forever and there are so many different ways to interpret the character. Marc Webb's vision of Spider-Man was wholly different than what Sam was doing. We felt incredibly good and clear about reinterpreting this iconic character who had been reinterpreted so many times in the books over the years. As long as people love Spider-Man, there's a great reason to make these movies. We feel good about it, and we love Spider-Man, so it was an easy decision.’

Why Is Spider-Man Being Played By a Skinny British Guy?
Director Webb was sold on Andrew Garfield the day he auditioned—he told NextMovie, in an exclusive one-on-one, that Garfield's nationality didn't give him a moment's pause.

Webb told press, ‘He could do the emotional gravitas that's required—Peter Parker has a lot of tragedy in his life. But he's also got whimsy. He's funny and alive and light and sarcastic, and those are the kind of attributes that I really wanted to explore in the film. Then he has an incredible physical stamina ... we tried to, especially in the beginning part of the movie, do a lot of the stunts in a practical way. That requires a significant amount of effort on the part of the actor. For someone to have that kind of maturity and focus is really tricky—all embodied in someone who behaves convincingly like a teenager.’

The First Kiss Doesn't TRY To Compete With the Iconic Mary Jane Smooch
‘Obviously there's no comparison there,’ Emma Stone said. ‘I thought about it, but you know, it was up to them to write it, so we just kind of went with what they wrote. There was a little tango move, I think it was a nod to 'Indiana Jones.'‘

Peter Parker and Spider-Man Get Equal Attention
Webb gained his reputation as the director of ‘500 Days of Summer’—you know, the movie that made Joseph Gordon-Levitt a heartthrob. ‘[Webb] prioritized the relationships just as much as the action,’ said Stone. ‘I know he had a million voices in his ear. A movie like this, there's a lot of opinions all the time on everything. He would come in on Sundays to work with us on the scenes, and break them down and build them all the way back up until we had the same scene that was on the page but we'd analyzed it to death.’

‘He was incredibly kind and willing to work on that [Peter/Gwen Stacy] relationship, from my experience I was very grateful that he came from that background.’

Stan Lee Has the Best Cameo Ever
It requires considerable restraint, but we won't spoil a thing about it. EXCEPT THAT IT'S AWESOME.

‘The first time I met Stan, who's a fantastic human being and an incredibly creative guy, he said, “So, Marc, let's talk about my cameo!” After we talked about it and he made his demands, he talked about getting a category at Academy Awards for Best Cameo,’ Webb said. ‘In all honesty, before we started shooting the movie, I was trying to think of places in the film to add some levity and humor.’ Producer Avi Arad added, ‘It's a tradition that we cherish, we love doing it.’ For more facts you need to know about “The Amazing Spider-Man,” visit!