Weekly Movie News Roundup 17.08.2012

Posted 17/08/2012

Weekly Movie News Roundup 17.08.2012

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Is Kristen still in?
If you've been anywhere near the Interwebs in the past month, you may have heard something about Kristen Stewart cheating on (now ex, apparently) beau Robert Pattinson with her married ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders. Among the many reasons this was awkward and inconvenient (hello, poor R-Pattz has a movie to promote!), is the fact that Universal is considering a sequel to the flick. In the wake of the scandal, the studio was rumoured to have dropped K-Stew from the sequel plans, to focus on Chris Hemsworth's hunky Huntsman. In a statement, Universal declared that ‘we're currently exploring all options to continue the franchise. Any reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false.’ So if you read between the lines...she hasn't been dropped, but ‘exploring all options’ suggests there’s a possibility they could still decide to leave her out of the script.

Downey is down
Apparently Iron Man is not invulnerable, even in that suit. Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle on the set of ‘Iron Man 3,’ delaying the film's production schedule ‘slightly,’ according to Marvel Studios. Let's hope they mean it...we do not want to wait any longer for this movie than we already have to! (Oh, and get well soon, RDJ.)

‘Avengers 2’ sets a date
Presumably, Downey's ankle will have long since healed by the time he has to start shooting the sequel to ‘The Avengers.’ The studio has announced that May 1, 2015, will be the release date of ‘Avengers 2,’ again to be written and directed by Joss Whedon. The first film premiered internationally before it opened in the U.S., so there's no telling how many moviegoers around the world will be among the first to see it on that date. Is it too soon to start camping outside the theatre?

Weekly casting news roundup
- Elle Fanning has signed on to appear in ‘Olive's Ocean,’ the movie adaptation of a young adult novel.

- Keira Knightley is in talks to star opposite Chris Pine in ‘Jack Ryan,’ a reboot of the action franchise. Kenneth Branagh is set to direct and also play the villain.

- Carey Mulligan is in negotiations to play one of the leads in the dark comedy ‘Nancy and Danny’ (we're guessing she would be Nancy). Her character gets caught up in a get-rich-quick scheme that goes awry, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

- And finally, the week wouldn't be complete without some ‘Catching Fire’ casting news! The sibling tributes from District 1 have been chosen: Stephanie Leigh Schlund will play Cashmere while Alan Ritchson will be Gloss. And District 11's tributes are also locked in: Maria Howell is set to play Seeder, and E. Robert Mitchell will be Chaff.