Weekly Movie News Roundup 14.09.2012

Posted 14/09/2012

Weekly Movie News Roundup 14.09.2012

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We’ve still got a long wait before the ‘Hunger Games’ sequel hits theatres, but at least we know it’s on the way! Principal ‘Catching Fire’ photography began on Monday 10 September, Lionsgate announced this week. The eagerly anticipated movie will be shot primarily in Atlanta, Georgia, but some filming will also take place in Hawaii. Great—so Katniss and company can at least get a little sun while they’re fighting for their lives!

Can Robsten play nice?
It’s the question keeping ‘Twilight’ fans—and studio execs—up at night: Will tension between estranged lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart overshadow excitement over the ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ release? After all, the costars and sometime real-life couple will have to attend premieres and press events together, knowing that everyone watching them knows how and why their relationship went bust. Awwwk-waaard! But the star of the scandal herself insists it’s all good. ‘We’re going to be fine,’ Kristen assured the AP. ‘We’re totally fine.’ Which lends credence to gossip that she and Rob have secretly reconciled... otherwise, they’d better be rehearsing to do the best acting job of their lives!

Bond fans to be stirred by Adele
The next Bond girl is...Adele? No, the songbird won’t be baring her baby bump in a bikini—but she did reportedly just record the theme song to the upcoming ‘Skyfall’, in which Daniel Craig returns as 007. We can’t think of a more fitting British diva to serenade the U.K.’s finest super-spy! Let’s just hope her soulful voice doesn’t leave action movie fans tearing up during the opening credits....